As soon as Milan won the candidacy for EXPO 2015, the Municipality of Milan, the Rotary District 2040* and EXPO 2015 SpA resolved to create a project to perfect a methodological and practical model to resolve food, sanitary and economic conditions of an impoverished rural community in a durable and sustainable way.

The project was supposed to start with the supply of clean water, from which other human activities could “flourish”, agriculture first and foremost. Therefore the name of the project reflects the fact that it is more than just about water: AQUAPLUS – water, energy for life.

The project’s guidelines were drawn up in early 2009 and were effectively presented in a Press Release held at the Hall of the Eight Columns in the Royal Palace of Milan on 20th March 2009, attended by the Mayor.

The Aquaplus project design concept was fine-tuned according to established guidelines and on 12th January 2010 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by EXPO 2015 and Rotary District 2040, heralding the beginning of the implementation phase.